St Andrews Historic Journal Print Editions


Summer 2019 Edition

Featuring articles by Trevor Wiley, Grant Wong, Ruth McKechnie, Jennifer Lipman, Luke Campopiano and Fiona Banham

Edited by Cameron Houston & Áron Kecskés

Summer 2018 Edition

Featuring articles by Conor Dowling, Harrison Chittenden, Tony Pollard, Juan Pablo Rodríguez, Pravat Ranjan Sethi, Michael Sheffield, and Yifan Xia.

Edited by Glenn Mills and Jack Nevin

Reformation Anniversary Edition 2017

Featuring articles by Ffion Bailey, Emily Betz, Laurence Cardwell, Cody Dahler, Andrew Hoppe, Callum A. Jamieson, Isabelle Peek, and Elise Watson With a forward by Dr Bridget Heal

Edited by Glenn Mills and Jack Nevin

Spring 2017

Featuring articles by Natalia Zdorovstova, Konstantin Wertelecki, Maggie Birnbaum, Edward Caddy, Harriet Howlett, Clark Reid Yennie, and Benjamin Anderson.

Edited by Maria Almeida Reis, Imogen Marshall, and Zeena Oberoi


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